About me

  • Nigel Hole

    Nigel Hole

    Although I graduated university with numerous academic and athletic honors, it wasn't until after I left campus that I began to master the mental skills that enable student-athletes to thrive.

    Simultaneously, I began working full-time as an Accountant at a Big 4 firm, studying to become a CPA, and running 160km per week trying to qualify for the Canadian National Track & Field Team. Time was scarce and results mattered – I had to train my brain to learn faster and compete fearlessly.

    I have since become obsessed with studying mental performance and teaching the next generation of student-athletes how to unlock their potential in both school and sports.

Sick of re-reading the same page over and over again? 

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What you'll learn:

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  • The 3 different components of a proper study break along with specific routines that incorporate all 3.

  • How to simulate a study break in the middle of an exam without losing time.

I'll help you:

  • Maintain focus & productivity - even after hours and hours of studying

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You'll end up feeling

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  • When your mom yells at you to get back to studying, you can smugly tell her that you're ahead of schedule on your assignments.