Meet the Athlete Tutor:

Nigel Hole

Although I graduated university with numerous academic and athletic honors, it wasn't until after I left campus that I began to master the mental skills that enable student-athletes to thrive.

Simultaneously, I began working full-time as an Accountant at a Big 4 firm, studying to become a CPA, and running 160km per week trying to qualify for the Canadian National Track & Field Team. Time was scarce and results mattered – I had to train my brain to learn faster and compete fearlessly.

I have since become obsessed with studying mental performance and teaching the next generation of student-athletes how to unlock their potential in both school and sports.
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Meet the Athlete Tutor:


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Kevin, Coach at Langley Mustangs T&F Club

Just what our club needed

Kevin, Coach at Langley Mustangs T&F Club

The support provided by Nigel and the structured approach to mental training that Athlete Tutor creates was just what our club needed to take our athletes’ performance to the next level. It has given our coaching team a common language to communicate with the athletes about goal setting, developing a growth mindset, and focusing on process rather than outcomes.

The online lessons and worksheets encourage athletes to self-direct their learning and be accountable for their progress, both powerful tools for future athletes and students.
Nicole, Parent & School Teacher

Super impressed by the content and layout

Nicole, Parent & School Teacher

I am super impressed by the content and layout of this course.  I can see its application in BC curriculum for Capstone, G12 grad requirement....I hope this is copyrighted!

Athlete Tutor helped my daughter appreciate the value of personal goal-setting both at school and on the track.  Engaging videos and targeted discussion topics helped her realize the influence mind-set has in her success.  She also learned to use the lessons failure offers to sharpen her focus in personal improvement.

Athlete Tutor encourages the student-athlete to be adaptable and resilient both on the field and at school while developing self-knowledge and awareness.