WHY did I create this course?

I spent most of my 17 year track & field career dreading competitions. 

Looking back, I realized that this was largely due to the expectations I placed on myself. I went into most races feeling like I had little to gain, but lots to lose. 

In my first year of university, this led me to overtraining, underachieving, injury, and the brink of burnout. I believed that there had to be a better way, so I turned to sports psychology and learned some mental skills that helped me to better manage my emotions. 

I became pretty good at fighting the symptoms of performance anxiety, but unfortunately, it wasn't until after I retired from competitive running that I really began to understand how the brain works and realized how I could have prevented most of my performance anxiety in the first place.

WHO is this course for?

High school student-athletes that get overly anxious before competitions and are losing the enjoyment that attracted them to their sport in the first place.

WHAT is this course about?

Courage is defined as the ability to do something that frightens you. 

The Courageous Competitor course teaches student-athletes the mindsets and mental skills they need to compete confidently, even in the face of fear.

HOW will it do that?

Anxiety occurs when we believe the pressure we face is greater than our ability to overcome it.
So to reduce anxiety, we have to decrease pressure, increase coping skills, or both.
Just like how we combat the common cold with both:

  • Prevention

    Ex. washing your hands

  • Symptom relief

    Ex. taking cough syrup

the Courageous Competitor course is built around a similar two-pronged approach:

  • shifting Mindsets

    to become far less susceptible to performance anxiety, meanwhile, fostering rapid learning & enjoyment.

  • training Mental Skills

    that can be used on-demand to relax, focus, and spring forward with confidence.

Who I've teammed up with

  • UBC Thunderbirds
  • Langley Mustangs Track & Field Club
  • SHAD Canada
  • St Thomas More Collegiate
  • Vancouver Thunderbirds T&F Club
  • West Point Grey Academy

What's included?

The course consists of 5 modules that are designed to be taken 2-4 weeks apart in order to give the athlete enough time to practice and implement what they’ve learned. 

Each module contains: 

  • Series of videos
  • Worksheet
  • 1-page summary of key content
  • 1-page parent’s guide explaining how parents can support and participate in their athlete’s development

Course curriculum

What people are saying

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Kevin Harrison <br> Coach & President at Langley Mustangs T&F Club

Just what our club needed

Kevin Harrison
Coach & President at Langley Mustangs T&F Club

The support provided by Nigel and the structured approach to mental training that Athlete Tutor creates was just what our club needed to take our athletes’ performance to the next level. It has given our coaching team a common language to communicate with the athletes about goal setting, developing a growth mindset, and focusing on process rather than outcomes.

The online lessons and worksheets encourage athletes to self-direct their learning and be accountable for their progress, both powerful tools for future athletes and students.
Nicole <br> Parent & School Teacher

Super impressed by the content and layout

Parent & School Teacher

I am super impressed by the content and layout of this course.  I can see its application in BC curriculum for Capstone, G12 grad requirement....I hope this is copyrighted!

Athlete Tutor helped my daughter appreciate the value of personal goal-setting both at school and on the track.  Engaging videos and targeted discussion topics helped her realize the influence mind-set has in her success.  She also learned to use the lessons failure offers to sharpen her focus in personal improvement.

Athlete Tutor encourages the student-athlete to be adaptable and resilient both on the field and at school while developing self-knowledge and awareness. 
Jess Tang <br> Coach at Matmen Wrestling Club

I could have burst into tears right there

Jess Tang
Coach at Matmen Wrestling Club

This content is honestly gold, Nigel. Thank you x10000. It really made a huge difference for my athletes this past weekend at wrestling nationals.

We were in the warm up area about to step onto the mats and one of my wrestlers takes his headphones off turns to me and simply says "process over outcome." I could've burst into tears right there. I was so so so happy and proud to see it sink in. I've never seen him wrestle better. After he lost a match, instead of launching into an emotional outburst for the rest of the day like he usually does, I found him five minutes later in the stands methodically writing in his journal. His nerves before each match were way better than anytime before.

Not only did it make a big difference for my wrestlers, it gave me a lot of confidence as a coach to be able to fall back on these frameworks and use that language with them.
Cindy Crowther <br>Coach at Vancouver Thunderbirds T&F Club <br> Former Canadian National Team Athlete

Tools broken down into workable steps

Cindy Crowther
Coach at Vancouver Thunderbirds T&F Club
Former Canadian National Team Athlete

Finished lesson one!! That was AWESOME! It helped reframe things in my own mind and enabled me to reflect on my own experiences as an athlete and how they could have been so profoundly different if I had been working from these frameworks.

I can use the language to more effectively help our athletes restructure their thinking. I'm a huge believer in process over outcome, so it was great to have the tools broken down into workable steps.

I’m a fan of this entire program as it works, and it’s essential to being your best you - be it an athlete, coach, co-worker, boss or parent....etc. I love this!

Choose the package that's right for you

  • Basic

    365 days access to the online course including all worksheets, videos, summaries and parents' guides.

  • Advanced

    Lifelong access to the online course plus 5 one-on-one coaching calls with Nigel to debrief the lessons, drill deeper, and get extra guidance.

  • Premium

    Lifelong access to the online course plus weekly coaching calls with Nigel for 3 months to provide enhanced accountability and mentorship.

My 110% Guarantee

Not TOTALLY satisfied - I'll give you 110% of your money back!

If you're struggling with performance anxiety, the last thing you need is to waste time on something that doesn't work. Exhausting one of the few options you had left, would just leave you with less money and even more anxiety...

You can't afford to take that risk, so I'll take it for you. No one can guarantee outcomes but, as an accountant, I can guarantee a return on your investment ;) 

I am confident that your return will come in the form of increased enjoyment, confidence, results and transferrable mental skills.

In the super unlikely event that you invest the time and energy required to go through the course, remain coachable, put the lessons into practice, and you're not 100% satisfied, then I should be paying you! I'll refund your 100% of tuition plus an additional 10%. That's my 110% guarantee.